Carey Priscilla
Image: Instagram

Yesterday, Akorino content creator and businesswoman Carey Priscilla joined Kenyans in protesting the controversial bill despite being heavily pregnant at the moment.

Priscilla, who is expecting her third child with her partner Benson Muriu, was seen posing with placards in Nairobi.

"Overtaxation= Finance Bill 2024," listing taxes on bread, cancer treatment and menstrual products among others. One placard read.


Another placard read, "Sasa tusinyeshe? #ENDPERIODPOVERTY,"

"Tax policies should never heavily burden ordinary citizens, especially those in vulnerable communities already struggling with inflation and low wages," Priscilla said.

Quick facts about Carey Priscilla's relationship and career


Carey Priscilla is a Kenyan model, an actress on Inooro TV and a make up artist who has worked with several celebrities. She also runs her Carey Beauty shop on Koinange Street in Nairobi.


Carey Priscilla met her baby daddy through Instagram. Speaking on their YouTube channel, Benito Muriu, a fashion model said he first saw Carey in 2016 on Instagram.

"At the time i was a hype beast i used to dress in the latest fashion and i noticed a lady posting pictures once in two weeks. I wondered who the girl was and she was Akorino and very beautiful, although the quality of her photos was a bit poor," Benito said.

After consistently liking her posts, he got her attention but Carey ignored him.

According to Carey she thought he was a hype beast from abroad so she just ignored him until Benito started sending direct messages which Carey got interested in them after two years.

After all those days Carey and Benito planned their first meet where they had planned a street shoot in Nairobi, which Carey wasn't comfortable with since Benito came with a lot of people.

On their second date things got very messy to a point where Carey had to pay the bill since Benito didn't have money at the moment and that is how Carey went mute on Benito.

Later on Carey realized he was serious and so she gave in to him after they had a conversation of what they expect in a relationship and since then they have lived as a family and currently they are expecting their third born.


Carey Priscilla is an actress as well as a businesswoman. Carey has acted in several Kikuyu Centrocinema shows at Inooro TV  and also she owns Carey Beauty College where she offers all beauty courses.