Eddie Butita
Image: Instagram

Content creator and filmmaker Eddie Butita recently broke his silence by rejecting the Finance Bill and demanding the release of Kenyans arrested during Tuesday's protests.

He had faced online trolling for his initial silence, with some accusing him of being in league with the government and not supporting the protests, unlike his close friend Njugush.

"Some netizens attacked while defending," one commented. "Unfollow those supporting the Finance Bill," urged another.

Butita wasn't the only celebrity to respond after facing criticism. Others include:

Milly Wa Jesus and Kabi Wa Jesus

Milly and Kabi wa Jesus: Milly Wa Jesus and Kabi Wa Jesus apologized for missing the Finance Bill protests after being criticized online for their absence.

Milly, who has a large social media following, addressed her absence in an Instagram post. "Let me start by saying that I #rejectthefinancebill2024," she wrote.

"I've spent the morning catching up on yesterday's events and want to clarify my stance. I understand that we disappointed our audience by not engaging in the conversation promptly, especially yesterday, and I apologize for that."

Her husband echoed her sentiments on his own Instagram page. "We reject the punitive Finance Bill 2024," Kabi said.

"While we couldn't be there for yesterday's public protest, we fully support the movement. A big thank you to everyone who showed up, especially the inspiring Gen Z."

Abel Mutua

Abel Mutua: Content creator Abel Mutua also joined the list of celebrities who publicly rejected the Finance Bill after netizens questioned his stance. "I hear you're wondering where we stand," he responded.

"We had to walk a bit after the show in Eldoret, but now we're back in the city. Tomorrow around 6 pm, we'll be there at the parliament.

Let's meet there for those doubting our stance, we are opposing this bill, what's the fuss about?"