Trio Mio
Image: Instagram

Famous Kenyan musician Trio Mio recently released a song rejecting the Finance Bill following Tuesday's massive protests by Gen Z against the proposed high taxes.

In the song, Trio Mio criticizes the government for burdening citizens with heavy taxes, highlighting the already difficult living conditions where many struggle to put food on the table.

He urged Kenyans to join today's protests, emphasizing the importance of standing up for their rights and the future of their children, suggesting that when people no longer fear the government, its power diminishes.


Trio's lyrics also reflect widespread frustration with the government's track record of causing hardship for Kenyans, implying that citizens are unwilling to endure further suffering and deception.

His song adds to a growing collection of revolutionary music during this period, including Sauti Sol's "Tujiangalie," which exposes the struggles and disillusionment faced under greedy political leaders, and Juliani's "Niko Njaa," addressing the hardships of hunger and economic strain.

Online, netizens have expressed strong commitment to attending today's protests across Nairobi CBD and nationwide in solidarity against the Finance Bill.


Many voiced concerns on social media, insisting that the Finance Bill should be wholly rejected rather than amended, despite claims by some MPs that harsh taxes have been removed from the bill.