“Afande unalia nini?" protestors to a police officer 
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Different Scenes have been witnessed during today’s anti-finance bill protests across the country.

One of those is a video where a police officer was captured with protesters as they tried to wash their faces over the effects of teargas.

In the said video, the demonstrators could be heard questioning the police officers as to why he was shedding tears.

The video shows individuals reacting to the situation despite the discomfort caused by the tear gas, underscoring their defiance and resilience.

“Afande unalia nini?" a protestor was heard humorously asking the police.

“So they are not immune?!"😆😂😂 another protestor said.

 This incident adds to the tension surrounding the ongoing protests, highlighting the complex dynamics between demonstrators and law enforcement.

The viral nature of the video has brought significant attention to the methods used by police and the protestors' responses.

The viral video has garnered widespread attention on social media. In the footage, protestors can be seen coughing, tearing up, and struggling to breathe due to the tear gas effects.

This behavior demonstrates a combination of resilience and defiance, as protestors refuse to be subdued by the law enforcement tactics intended to disperse them.

The video has sparked discussions about the appropriateness and effectiveness of such measures, with many arguing that it only serves to deepen the divide between authorities and the public.

Today's demonstrations are part of a larger movement addressing various social, political, or economic grievances.

The reactions online have been mixed. Some viewers praise the protestors' courage and humor in the face of adversity, while others express concern over the confrontational nature of the demonstrations and the potential for violence.