Charlene Ruto speaks on ongoing on anti-finance bill demos
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Charlene Ruto finally breaks silence on anti-finance bill demos

President William Ruto’s daughter Charlene Ruto has broken her silence over the ongoing anti-finance bill demos.

Taking to her socials, Charlene said; “I stand at a very unique position regarding the issues facing my country Kenya as we speak,”


She noted that as the President’s daughter, she is deeply concerned with what is going on in the country.

She added that the demos are a game changer in the Kenyans history.

“As a president's daughter, I have no doubt in my mind, watching my father rise in politics for over 30 years, seeing his work and passion behind the scenes, that he truthfully holds the best interests of Kenyans at heart.


As a youth champion, I hear the cry of this generation and give my kudos that we not only care about current affairs but have a stand and are willing to raise our concerns. This is a game-changer. Let's do it consistently, in an informed manner, with respect and honour. That is how we will be heard.

May we dwell in unity, peace, and liberty. A way will be made.

Tuesday Protests

A section of Kenyans has taken to the streets of various towns in the country to protest against the Finance Bill 2024.

A contingent of police officers have been deployed in various key government installations such as the State House.

Police were also spotted in various streets of the Nairobi Central Business district and major towns across the country.

Running battles have ensued in Nairobi Central Business District after police dispersed anti-finance bill protesters.