Wycliffe Oparanya

Former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya opened up about his family saying he has two wives and a girlfriend.

Speaking during an Art of the Living show, Oparanya said his wife has no problem with him having a girlfriend.  

"So we have no problem. I have no problem and my wife doesn't have a problem. Even when my girlfriend comes here, my wife has no problem," he said.

"They are friends and sometimes my girlfriend comes here to say Hi to my wife. My wife can't complain because I take good care of her every day." 

Oparanya said that what makes him so confident about the things that he does and doesn't want to hide is that his mother told him to be sincere.

"My mother told me to be sincere but because I was born alone,  my mother always told me, my son, it is unfortunate that you are born alone. Actually, there were five of us but unfortunately, the first four died, so I became the only one surviving. So my mother used to say, you know when you grow up, have more children so that you compensate for what I would have had.  And that's how I have become sincere and people here know that when I say something it happens, I don't cheat," Oparanya said.

Oparanya said he feels proud of the infrastructure that he put up in Kakamega county.

He said no county was comparable to him at his time.

"You can ask anybody around what I did. All these roads, I put them using county funds. Very few counties tarmacked roads 240 kilometres in 10 years," he said.

"I also started building a Level 6 Hospital. If you go to Kakamega, you'll see it. Then Bukhungu Stadium because I wanted to attract international events there, and we hosted Sakapa games because of that stadium. They were there for two weeks and the town changed because there was a lot of business, that's the economy of the town. I feel those three are the major projects that wherever even if I passed on now people will remember that l did something for them." 

Oparanaya said after politics one needs someone to keep you busy.

"You know, after politics, you need someone to keep me busy and entertain you. So my wife now she's here, she cannot accompany me everywhere but sometimes you just need to relax with a beautiful lady around you. That's why I chose her," Oparanya said.