Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On the drive show, Mwalimu Rachel questioned whether John Kiarie's apology is sincere or if he is just apologizing due to the ruthless trolls from Kenyans.

“What I have to say first of all is that I commend his handwriting because not only did he type it out on X, he has also given as a picture of that handwritten apology on a piece of paper, huyu ndo alikuwa Ganapati Ile kazi ya kuandika letters back in the day for his classmates alafu analipwa kakitu, biashara inaanzanga hivo hata," Mwalimu Rachel said.

“So he says I truly apologize for the comments I made regarding the protest and the authenticity of setting the images in the heat of the debate on the finance bill my word were unnecessarily misguided and insensitivity the rest of the letter utaipata pale kwa X."

According to Mwalimu Rachel people still got a lot of things to tell him due to his opinion on the finance bill but also their those who have accepted his apology.

“Kama unakubali that sorry from one KJ you let me know on our Whatsapp line," Mwalimu Rachel told the listeners.