Kerry Martin and Kwambox

On today's morning show with Kwambox and Kerry they discussed about new generation IDs  with expiry dates.

“Immigration PS Julius Bittok says the new third generation IDs will be fitted with chips and they will have expiry dates as a universal data standard, so the chip will expire with time and he goes on to say that you can't have a government document for life," Kerry said.

“So you mean after 10 years you are over there thinking whether you want to apply again, do I really want to be a Kenyan or do I want to try to be Ugandan for the next ten years and see for myself," Kwambox said.

“For real you can now think if you actually want to be a Kenyan, my documents have expired do I have to really be a Kenyan."

According to Kerry you are still. a Kenyan even if the documents expire since you are born and also lived in Kenyan for a good number of years.

“G-mani is Kenyan now," Kerry said.

“Mwambie atoe ID kwa sababu ukipatana na karao that is when you know what makes you a Kenyan, sababu watakuambia kijana wapi ID right not like kijana wewe ni mkenya kutoka wapi, no there is nothing like that, it is wapi ID how you unajitambulisha na kama kitambulisho inaexpire you start thinking what nationality do I want to be," Kwambox said.

Kerry went on and asked how long is it going to take to reapply for the ID.

 In response Kwambox said, “People change unaona Ile picha yako the one that you took for your ID unaeza itumia sai ."