Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On the drive show with Mwalimu Rachel she gave her opinion about the dilemma that comes with couples who go to protests together.

“I feel like guys are showing off as couples streets nikaulizakwani unafeel kapressure ama ni nini, akasema well kiasi because there is a situation here whereby it's like her friends have said they want to go and boyfriend yake pia atakuwepo uko lakini boyfriend akona mabeshte zake na pia yeye akona mabeshte zake and she is wondering who am I supposed to go with, " Mwalimu Rachel said

“Is it my guy ndo tuende na yeye ama ni stick na my friends because they are not exactly a whole crew you know sometimes your boyfriend's friends will be your friends as well and then you become friends but in this case it is like hawajapenda ama hawajajuana to that extend."


According to Mwalimu Rachel such a case might become a big dilemma because at times your friends are so much fun to hang out with but also you don't want to leave a boyfriend so you have to choose wisely who to spend your time with.

“Because enyewe you are like maybe your friends are more fun to hang out with and it can be even a situation where you've been invited like to two parties, your boyfriend has invited you out, your friends have invited you out same day, same time unaenda na nani, your friends are way cooler, more fun they know you better you can be a little bit mischievous around them," Mwalimu Rachel explained.

“On this other side ukienda kwa boyfriend yako tuseme he is more chilled and you need to also be on your best behavior somehow as much as you want to turn up but you are also a bit relactant na pia mabeshte zake huwajui hivo vizuri sana, who do you end up spending your time with."