Rev Lucy Natasha

Pastor Lucy Natasha shares her stand on the ongoing Anti-Finance Bill protests

Reverend Lucy Natasha has joined millions of Kenyans rejecting the finance bill 2024.

In a statement, Natasha said that she is joining the young people who are protesting against the increased taxes proposed in the Finance Bill 2024.


“During the past few days, we have seen our young ones, Generation Z take center stage in raising their voice towards the current Finance Bill 2024.

“Their collective voice stands as a reminder that they are critical stakeholders in the development and progress of Kenya. Their concerns require a listening ear and an understanding of their struggles and challenges,” Rev Lucy Natasha said.

She called on the Church to be vocal on the ongoing struggles being led by Gen Z.


“As the Body of Christ, our doors remain open as always to minister spiritually, and offer mentorship and prayers to them. We beseech our government and political leaders to exercise great leadership and make wise decisions for the benefit of all.

I stand with Gen Z as you raise your voice towards the Finance Bill 2024. Your voice represents many and must be heard,” Reverend Lucy Natasha.