Quick facts about Kenyan musician Vivian who relocated to the US
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Kenyan musician Vivian has recently opened up about how she has been trolled online after she posted a selfie with Steve Harvey during President Ruto's visit to the US.

Vivian disclosed that she was ready for it since Kenyans are bullies who project their insecurities by trying to bring someone down.

Vivian is currently living in Georgia US as she continues to further her studies.

So let's briefly dive into who Vivian is:

Background & Education

Born in Buruburu, Nairobi County in 1988, Vivian had a modest upbringing in the neighbourhoods of Huruma and Kajiado.

As the third born out of four children, she was raised by a single mother who played a pivotal role in shaping her character and values.

Vivian acknowledges her mother's hard work and street smarts, crediting her for the sacrifices she made for their family.

She attended Marion Group of Schools before continuing her studies at State House Girls' High School.

She later pursued a certificate in marketing, equipping her with valuable skills that would benefit her future endeavours.


Before making her mark in the music industry, Vivian had diverse work experiences. She started her career as a hawker, selling cutlery, and also worked in a showroom. These early experiences taught her the importance of perseverance and hard work, qualities that would serve her well in her musical pursuits.

Vivian's breakthrough in the music industry came with her debut song, 'My Dream,' featuring the renowned artist Jaguar.

This collaboration introduced her unique talent and captivating voice to a wider audience, opening doors to exciting opportunities.

Since then, Vivian has released numerous hit singles and collaborations, including popular tracks like 'A Woman in Love,' 'Charm,' 'Chingi Changa,' and 'Attention,' among others. Her versatility as an artist shines through in her ability to explore different genres and deliver memorable performances.

Some of the notable artists she has collaborated with include Jose Chameleon from Uganda, legendary singer Wyre, Madini Classic, Prezzo, Bahati and Redsan.

Vivian is now in the States furthering her education.


Outside of her music career, Vivian is a devoted mother to her daughter. She was previously married to motivational speaker Sam West who also doubled up as her manager.

The two eventually went their separate ways after Sam West walked out of their marriage.

In a past interview, Vivian said efforts to salvage the marriage were futile as things did not work out.