Section of Parliament on fire after protester invasion
Image: courtesy

Protesters have overpowered anti-riot police and entered Parliament buildings and set a section of it on fire. 

The anti-Finance Bill protest also took an ugly turn after several protesters were reportedly shot outside Parliament on Tuesday.

The surging crowds are opposed to the passage of the Finance Bill, 2024 which MPs passed on Tuesday with 195 votes against 106 who opposed.

Sounds of "wasaliti, wasaliti (betrayers, betrayers)" rent the air as the protesters overan a police barricade, set a police lorry on fire and damanaged a section of the fence to Parliament. 

The protesters uprooted the national flag within Parliament precincts with reports indicating that a number of the protesters have been shot outside Parliament. 

A stampede has also been reported inside Parliament as MPs scampered to safety.

Some of the legislators have sought refugee in the basement parking of Parliament as police keep guard awaiting backup and evacuation. 

Gunshots can still be heard around Parliament and protesters can be heard saying "you are killing us na pia nyinyi tunawatetea".

Nairobi region police commander Adamson Bungei has arrived at the secene.

Inside the Senate are scenes of destruction.

Furniture is in disarray, seats strewn around, cupboards ransacked, flags torn and windows broken.