Jahmby Koikai's father Daniel Koikai has allegedly passed away

The late Daniel Koikai Mepukori, the father of the late Njambi Koikai was laid to rest in a quiet ceremony a day ago.

Family and friends celebrated the life of the ex-Ambassador where his achievements as a career diplomat were noted.

He had been in service for 40 years beginning in 1984 in New York.

Describing him as a devoted family man, a gentle spirit, fearless leader. Many speakers noted the value the late Koikai placed on education in their eulogies.

His wife Diana, and two daughters Naiserian and Sandile remained emotional as he was buried in his Embakasi farm, Kajiado West.

His other daughter Naima from another relationship was also present.

The late Koikai had two other daughters from his first marriage: Njambi and Naima.

"Dan was a doting father who was dedicated to his daughters and joyfully shared his passion with them. He was a keen cook who would create elaborate recipes," mourners noted.

Ambassador Daniel died in an apparent suicide, at a time his daughter Njambi was being buried at Langata Cemetery.

A relative told mourners that she believed he wasn't well on the day Njambi was to be buried.

"I don't know what I can tell you about my nephew. I know you have heard alot of things. But we want you to know that we also have a side of his story so well. I had mentioned to some members of my family, and I told him I don't like what I'm seeing, and I am not sure he is well," A female relative addressed the matter.

"That was not the usual Danny who would make you laugh and when he talks to you, you feel confident. On that Thursday, I saw someone who was defeated, who had given up,".

This relative desperately tried to reach Daniel later but was unsuccessful "I called Naserian - Daughter- to ask if she was with her dad. I could tell something was going on in his heart. Finally, I managed to talk to him around 10-10:30, and told him to be strong"

She told me about his last speech.

"In the last speech he made, he said forgive me three times. And even today I am asking that you forgive my nephew," the relative narrated.

His daughter Sandile mourned her dad saying fulfilled his wish to forgive him, chanting forgive 3 times "I'm sorry for what you experienced in this world". You are forgiven, you are forgiven, you are forgiven."

His wife Diana also expressed concern over his health after Niambi's funeral.

"I had never seen Daniel like that. Even in his worst moments, it was a pitiful sight. He was broken, and all of this was as a result of media and cyberbullying," the wife said. 

She mentioned about what she believed led to his demise