Appeal for blood donation at KNH to help those who got injured during the protest
Image: courtesy

On Tuesday 25 th June during the Occupy parliament protests, several people lost their lives some seriously injured after being hit by rubber and live bullets.

Some of the victims who got injured were rushed to various hospitals around the country including KNH which is currently flooded with casualties from the protest.

KNH is now appealing for blood donations to be able to help the victims.

They are appealing to citizens of goodwill to kindly go and donate blood at the hospital to save the situation and avoid losing more people.

Your donation could make a significant difference in saving lives and aiding the recovery of the injured. If you are able to donate, please visit KNH or your nearest blood donation center. Every donation counts and is greatly appreciated.

Donating blood is a simple and selfless act that can save lives, especially in times of crisis like now. Your support is crucial in ensuring that all patients receive the care they need.

Here’s how you can help save our brothers and sisters who are fighting for their lives:

Visit KNH or a Nearby Blood Donation Center

You can donate blood directly at KNH or any other authorized blood donation centers around where you live. Make sure you know the working hours of the various blood donation centers just to avoid inconveniences.


Ensure you meet the basic criteria for blood donation. Generally, donors should be in good health, weigh at least 50 kg, and be between 16 and 65 years old.

The Donation Process

Registration: Fill out a donor registration form with basic information.Health Check: Undergo a brief medical examination to ensure you are fit to donate.

Donation: The actual blood donation takes about 10 minutes. You will donate approximately 450 ml of blood.

Post-Donation Care: After donating, rest for a few minutes and enjoy some refreshments to replenish your energy.

Spread the Word

Encourage friends, family, and colleagues to donate. Social media platforms can be effective for raising awareness about the urgent need for blood.

Frequent Donations

If possible, consider becoming a regular donor. Whole blood can be donated every 8 weeks, while platelets can be donated more frequently.

Corporate and Community Drives

Organizations and community groups can organize blood drives to help increase the supply, so as to gather as many blood samples as possible which will be of great help.