Kerry Martin and Kwambox

On Today's Morning Show with Kerry, he said it looks like there are still plans for people to go for protests as per the way things are going online.

“Online it looks like there are plans by some people who are saying they are going to go for the protest, I saw Khalif Kairo posting and saying he is not going to be part of the protest today, however, you stand, however you feel you just need to make sure that you be your own keeper and be your neighbor's keeper,” Kerry said.

“Be careful when you are out there and whatever you want to do and however you want, if want to stay at home or go to the protest am not the person to tell you what you need to, when you feel that you should go on, but on thing is utterly important is be your neighbor's keeper and just take care of yourself wherever you are."

Kerry went on and said even when in the house when doing House chores just be careful not to hurt yourself.

“Ata ukiwa kwa nyumba ukichemsha maji moto unachunga isikuchome," Kerry said.