Mike Muchiri, Dennis Ombachi, and Kate Actress
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Kate Actress and content creator Mike Muchiri have announced that they are ending their relationship with Safaricom.

The top influencers said that they are cutting ties with the company over the partial internet downtown that was witnessed on Tuesday night after the Anti-tax protest.

Kate Actress posted on her Instagram story saying she's quitting all her business and influencer engagement she had with Safaricom.

"Silence is betrayal! I will no longer be working with Safaricom PLC as an influencer, not on our departed brothers' blood." Kate said in her statement.

Mike who has also been having influencer engagement and creating content for Safaricom, released a statement announcing that he will longer with working with Safaricom.

"I cannot, in good conscience, continue to associate myself with a brand that has turned its back on the very people it should support," his statement read.

Former Rugby player Dennis Ombachi, Photographer The Magunga and musician Ben Cyco have also ended their relationship with the company.

"I will earn my keep elsewhere! It's a tough decision since I have been loyal to Safaricom for over 10 years and we have worked together all along. But after what you guys did, I am ashamed to be associated with you," Magunga said.

However, Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa dismissed allegation of intentionally switch off the internet on Tuesday night. 

He added;  "This network outage was occasioned or caused by reduced bandwidth on some of the internet and some of the cables that carry internet traffic. Please note that this did not only affect Safaricom but also affected the whole world industry.

We are doing everything to ensure that we give you the service that you deserve and also we bring back service as soon as possible,".

"Our views and presentations are well-documented and recorded. "We adhere to the laws of the land in terms of data privacy, and we have done so in the past, and we continue to do so now and also in the future,"

On data privacy and customer protection, Ndegwa said;

''We don't share customer data unless where it's explicitly against a court order. On this issue there has been no request or court order served. You can learn more about the Safaricom Data Privacy Statement on,''