Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi calls for the government to legalize weed
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Ahead of today's planned protests at Occupy State House Khalif Kairo who is one of the most influential individuals in the reject finance bill protests has advised Kenyans to back down from marching to State House.

“Hey guys, now after everything that has happened today and yesterday and basically the past seven or ten days in Kenya I feel compelled to make this video and I just want to give a disclaimer that I am not making this video as a leader, the views am going to express in this video are coming from my own heart,"

“I felt that since I have been communicating a lot of what I think and what I stand for through videos I thought it was a good idea to make this video, so I am making this video after we have seen and heard what the president has said. The question that alot of people are asking if Kairo is going to be in the streets tomorro."

According to Kairo, he has been in the Frontline in the two protests that have happened and so he knows what actually it means to lose loved ones during the protest as per him he feels that we have already won the battle since the finance bill has been withdrawn.

So he has confirmed he won't be on the streets today and advises Kenyans not to since our efforts will all be in vain if we do so.

He has also advised to give space for dialogue and if it fails we can still go to the streets after a month or so.

Kairo is not the only influencer who has advised Kenyans not to go on the streets, so let's see who else has done it:


Hanifa who is one of the top influencers who was at the forefront during the first demonstrations against the finance bill has also spoken and advised Gen Z not to go for the protests today, saying we have already lost a lot of lives.

“When the 7 days outrage posters circulated we did not know they'd kill over 50 people already. I'm not telling y'all what to do wallah. I'm just begging and if you must go, please avoid the protected area. We have lost enough lives. They don't care, they just shoot. It's not over. It's not over yet," she wrote on X.

Boniface Mwangi

Boniface Mwangi also adds to the list of influencers whereby he advises Kenyans not to engage in today's protests since it will end up to losing more lives.

“People coming out today is to remove the idea that politicians own us, it’s a demonstration that this moment belongs to us and it’s WE the People who tell the president what to do and not the other way round," Boniface wrote on X.

“Secondly, the state has used fear by killing people on Tuesday and there should be a clear signal that speaking up shouldn’t be this costly. Those who were abducted, maimed and killed would otherwise have done so in vain. Ignore those bringing confusion, and most importantly telling you to Occupy State House. See you at parliament."