Actress Aicy Stevens
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Aicy Stevens, known by her arrogant, scowling skit character ‘Mama Ryan’ reveals she has always wanted to be an actress whose work transcends the boundaries of one-minute comedy skits on Instagram.

Her character on Jiji, the new Showmax youth drama, has given her the kind of opportunity.She’s an adventurous beauty, a slick charmer, and a natural pickpocket – a valuable asset in her group of four young girls fighting to make ends meet in the streets of Jericho.

Quick facts about Aicy Stevens

Aicy Stevens, whose real name is Grace Wamae, is a well-known Kenyan actress, digital content creator, commercial model, TikTok star, and entertainer.

Born on July 26, 1996, she first gained prominence with her role in the YouTube series "Bedsitter Chronicles" around 2018-2019. Aicy is particularly famous for her comedic skits on TikTok, where she portrays a dramatic baby mama alongside co-star Nick Kwach.

Her career has expanded beyond social media, leading to her first lead role as Mwende in the Showmax drama "Jiji," which showcases her acting skills in a more serious and expansive context.

Despite her on-screen chemistry with Nick Kwach, Aicy maintains that their relationship is strictly professional.

In addition to her entertainment career, Aicy is involved in philanthropic activities, particularly those benefiting children's homes. Her roots trace back to the Kikuyu tribe, adding to her rich cultural background.

Through her character as a toxic and dramatic baby mama, many Kenyans have resonated with her content leading to a massive following on her social media accounts, especially on TikTok and Instagram.

Aicy Stevens
Image: courtesy

Aicy Stevens real name Grace Wamae (born 26 July 1996) is a Kenyan actress, digital content creator, commercial model, TikTok star, and entertainer. Aicy became famous after going viral on Tiktok with his acting partner Nick Kwach. Her favorite slang is “Ni nini wewe?”. Aicy plays the role of baby mama and she is “Mama Ryan”.

In their TikTok videos, Aicy acts as the angry baby mama while Nick Kwach plays the cool baby daddy.

Aicy Stevens Husband

Aicy Stevens husband in acting is Nick Kwach, she acts as the baby mama and she is the mother to an imaginary baby called ‘Ryan’. In real life, Aicy Steves is not married and is yet to make her relationship status public.

Aicy Stevens Tiktok

Aicy real name Grace Wamae is currently trending on Tiktok and has more than 819K Tiktok followers. Her character is a perfect example of what happens in real life. She acts the toxic baby mama and very rude. She is indeed an entertainer.