Fred Omondi's memorial mass

Earlier today during Fred Omondi's memorial mass in preparation for tomorrow's burial, his brother Erick Omondi revealed that already two baby mamas have disclosed they have Fred's children.

He also said that if anyone else claims to have a kid with his late brother - then they should come forward now before he is laid to rest.

Omondi added that he is ready to take care of the kids but only if they look like Fred Omondi. 

"Kuna watoto huko nyumbani wanakaa Mulamwah. Wale watu wanakuja wanasema wako na watoto wa Fred tafadhali wafanane na Fred. Wawili washafika home," Erick said.

Previously, Fred had publicly declared that he only had one child, a daughter who he adored so much.

During Fred's memorial mass, Erick gave a short tribute in honor of his brother before he became overwhelmed with emotions.

His wife Lynne wiped his tears and put her arms around his waist as she soothed him.

This shows that despite wearing a very strong face in public, Fred's death has really dealt him a large blow and we pray God grants him comfort that is beyond human understanding.

After the mass, the people who had attended the mass viewed Fred's body, and later on, he was taken to the airport where he would be flown to Kisum.

The proceeding would continue to Siaya where he would be laid to rest tomorrow.

Fred will be remembered as a legend in the comedy industry for his dedication to entertaining and ensuring everyone is happy. 

Rest in eternal peace, Fred.