Gen Z preacher strongly condemns sexual immorality

A recent event in Nairobi featured a Gen Z preacher who took to the streets to strongly condemn sexual immorality.

This preacher's bold approach has sparked various reactions from the public, highlighting ongoing discussions about moral values and societal norms among the younger generation in Kenya.

"This is the generation that people have normalized sex eeh, simply you have a boyfriend and you have a girlfriend unaeza enda sleep over, you sleep with every person that you meet. Let me tell you the word of God says be holy, praise the name of the living God," She preached.


"That whatever you are looking for in that man or woman will never satisfy you, come and let me show you a woman in the bible alikuwa na wanaume na hawakuwa wake but the lord told her come and drink of me and you shall never thirst again."

The lady went on and preached saying that once the woman in the bible turned to God her needs were completely satisfied so she urged young people to turn to God and all their needs will be met.

"Only Jesus Christ can satisfy you and today he is calling you come and drink from me and you will never dust again, that need that you feel needs to be met only Jesus Christ can meet it," she said.


"Huyo mwanume uko na yeye, huyo msichana uko na yeye hawawezi kutosheleza, they can never satisfy you, you may go with every man, you may go with every woman but there will that gap inside you that can only be filled by Christ Jesus."

Her preaching has rose a lot of mixed reactions some saying she is preaching sense while others are criticizing her and saying she is preaching something that also she engages in.