Larry Madowo

Netizens defend Larry Madowo after content creators accuse him of abandoning them in the hands of the police

A viral video has raised questions as local content creators criticize CNN international correspondent Larry Madowo for abandoning them during anti-finance bill protests.

Despite all the critics netizen showed up and defended Larry saying how was Larry supposed to defend them and yet they were not equipped as journalists or rather they didn't have anything to show they were journalists for example press cards, press jackets and helmets.

"Kwani, what's required of a journalist to have in such card, press jacket, and a helmet...if they don't have those, you can't blame Larry for wasn't his duty to defend them," a netizen said.

The content creators confronted the journalist, who was with his crew and faulted him after allegedly being beaten by anti-riot police officers.

Though they didn't look professional and also they were unkept  so probably someone would mistake them as just random people trying to create chaos.

"Larry, whatever you did, wasn't good. We are your fellows and you told the police we were not with you. We are just reporting the same way you are doing. the police asked you whether you were with us and you disowned us. You made me be beaten by the police," one of the content creators ranted.