Uproar as former MP Alfred Keter allegedly abducted in broad daylight
Image: courtesy

Former Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter has allegedly been abducted by people believed to be police officers as his wife and children watch helplessly.

A viral video seen by Kiss, captures a man believed to be Keter forcibly being taken from his car by three men.

He tries to fight back but he is overpowered by the three men who went for him. He is forced into a white car that is standing next to his car.

His kids are heard screaming at the top of their voices as their father is being taken away. The wife could also be hear screaming for help.

The men had guns. 

The video has elicited sharp criticism from members of the public and social media users.

The alleged abduction comes at a time when Keter has been a supporter of the ongoing Gen Z-led revolutions that saw the Finance Bill rejected.

He has also been a big critic of the Kenya Kwanza regime.