Heather Rae Young

Television personality and real estate agent Heather Rae Young was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease earlier this year after experiencing extreme fatigue and a drastic drop in milk supply, which she initially attributed to postpartum issues.

Hashimoto's disease, which affects the thyroid gland, can lead to symptoms like exhaustion, weight gain, and memory issues.

Heather described feeling "dead" and struggling to get out of bed, making filming her shows "Selling Sunset" and "The Flipping El Moussas" very difficult. Despite these challenges, she managed to persevere.

Since starting medication for the disorder, Heather reports feeling much better.

She has been open about her journey to raise awareness and connect with others facing similar health challenges.

Her openness extends beyond Hashimoto's disease; she has also shared details about her and Tarek El Moussa's IVF journey before naturally conceiving their son, Tristan.

Despite the challenges, Heather expresses deep joy and a strong bond with her son, highlighting the importance of self-care and medical attention for new mothers.

Heather and her husband had planned and prepared for fertility treatments due to concerns about their ability to conceive naturally.

Unexpectedly, Heather conceived their son naturally, which came as a pleasant surprise to the couple.

Heather has also openly discussed the emotional and physical toll that infertility and the IVF process can take on individuals and couples.

She has used her platform to raise awareness and provide support to others facing similar struggles, stressing the importance of persistence and hope in the face of infertility challenges.

Heather has stood strong despite her health conditions and remains optimistic that things will get better with time.

She has become a significant source of motivation for many women going through similar experiences.