Shifura and D Star

'Hoozambe' hitmaker D Star has parted ways with Shifura, the lady who first popularized the challenge with her striking eyes, which became a social media sensation.

Many lamented when D Star arrived in Kenya without her.

In an interview, when asked why he didn't bring Shifura to Kenya, he explained that she was only a video vixen and he couldn't take her everywhere he went.

He also mentioned that he doesn't plan to feature Shifura in more of his music videos.

“I don’t have any plans. Shifura was just a video vixen, and I don’t intend to use her again,” he said.

Given their current fallout, let's delve into who Shifura is:

Shifura is a Ugandan woman who gained widespread attention after featuring in the viral music video for the song "Hoozambe" by Ugandan artist D Star.

Her real name remains undisclosed. Her captivating and seductive eyes became the highlight, leading to the "Shifura Challenge" on social media, where people recreated the iconic scene of her sitting on D Star's lap while he sang.

The song "Hoozambe" has piqued curiosity due to its catchy beat and intriguing lyrics, telling the story of a woman named Shifura who is unhappy in her marriage to an older man and seeks satisfaction elsewhere with Hoozambe.

The lyrics are suggestive and explicit, contributing to the song's controversial yet popular status.

Shifura's newfound fame has led her to make club appearances and participate in various events, further solidifying her celebrity status.

However, some fans have expressed mixed reactions when she appeared without D Star, suggesting that her presence is closely tied to the song's success.