Biography: Facts about Joyce Gituro, family, kids, career, Awards & husband

Former radio presenter Joyce Gituro was sworn in as the Chief Officer of Public Communications and E-government for Machakos County on Monday, July 1, 2024.

The ceremony followed her successful vetting and approval by the County Assembly of Machakos.

Governor Wavinya Ndeti attended the ceremony, which also saw two other chief officers take their oaths.

Quick facts about Joyce Gituro

Early Life and Education

Joyce Gituro's early life details are not widely publicized, but her journey into the media industry showcases a background of determination and passion for communication.

She pursued her education with a focus on media and broadcasting, which laid the foundation for her future career.

Joyce Gituro

Career in Media

Joyce Gituro began her career in the Kenyan media industry with a notable presence on radio.

Her talent quickly became evident, leading to significant roles within Royal Media Services' Radio Citizen.

Radio Citizen: Joyce Gituro made a name for herself as a presenter at Radio Citizen.

Her shows were widely popular, characterized by her warm, engaging style and ability to connect with her audience.

She didn't just stop at presenting; her skills and leadership qualities earned her the role of Programs Controller, where she was responsible for the overall programming and content strategy of the station.


Under her guidance, Radio Citizen achieved high ratings and became one of the leading radio stations in Kenya.

Joyce's shows were particularly popular for their relatable content, advice segments, and interactive nature.

Personal Life and Challenges

Joyce Gituro has been open about her personal life, sharing her experiences with her audience.

Her stories of overcoming challenges and personal growth have resonated deeply with many listeners. This openness has helped build a strong, loyal following.

Joyce is a mother of three, one of her kids being Homeboyz presenter Jakes Nyanjom, who has taken her mother's footsteps.

Joyce is also divorced.

Contributions and AdvocacyMentorship:

Beyond her role in broadcasting, Joyce is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of media personalities. She has been involved in training and guiding young broadcasters, sharing her knowledge and experience to help them navigate the industry.