When the bill isn't passed on time, there can be disruptions in funding, leading to delays in salary payments for teachers and other civil servants.

This situation not only affects individuals' financial stability but also highlights broader challenges in fiscal management and legislative processes that impact public service delivery.

From the story let us look at the possible challenges that might be faced in a country due to delayed approval of the Finance bill:

Delayed Government Spending: Without a approved budget and financial plan, government spending on essential services such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, and social welfare may be delayed or disrupted.

Uncertainty for Businesses and Investors: Delayed approval can create uncertainty in the business environment, as companies and investors may be unsure about government policies and financial commitments, affecting investment decisions and economic growth.

Impact on Public Sector Salaries: Delayed approval can lead to delays in salary payments for civil servants, including teachers, healthcare workers, and other public employees, affecting their livelihoods and potentially leading to unrest.

Infrastructure and Development Projects: Infrastructure projects and development initiatives dependent on government funding may face delays or even suspension, stalling progress and impacting economic development.

Creditworthiness and Borrowing Costs: Delays in approving the Finance Bill can affect the country's creditworthiness and increase borrowing costs, as uncertainty about fiscal management may raise concerns among lenders and investors.

Policy Implementation Delays: Government policies and programs dependent on budget allocations may be delayed in implementation, affecting service delivery and public welfare.

Political and Governance Challenges: Delayed approval of the Finance Bill can lead to political tensions and governance challenges, as stakeholders may disagree over budget priorities and allocations, potentially leading to government instability.

To avoid such kind of struggles the government should come up with strategies on how to run this financial year swiftly despite the finance bill being rejected and taken back to parliament.