Second body found in Sunbeam Mall burnt during demos

A second body of a man was Tuesday found in the debris of a mall that was burnt down in Nairobi during the anti-tax demos.

This was almost a week after fire razed down Sunbeam Shopping Complex along Mfangano Street.

An official at the complex told police they were removing the debris following the June 25 incident when they found a burnt human body.

The body was badly burnt and was rotting when it was discovered on July 2, police said.

Police visited the scene and confirmed the same before they moved the body to the City mortuary awaiting DNA analysis and preservation.

The first body of a 56-year-old man was found in the debris of the mall.

The body of the man identified as Mathew Njoroge was discovered on Thursday June 27, two days after the Sunbeam Shopping Complex along Mfangano Street was razed down in the chaos.

The body was discovered by the management who were going through the debris.

It is believed the six-storey building was burnt by looters who had invaded it.

The fire was worsened by police who lobbed teargas canisters there to force out looters who were grabbing valuables in the June 25 incident.

The building is among tens that were attacked and looted by mobs who had joined the protests against the Finance Bill 2024.

President William Ruto later declined to sign the bill and sent it back to the House.

Several properties were attacked and looted in the chaos. Subsequent protests have been infiltrated by criminals who have worsened the situation attacking and robbing property.

At least 40 people have been killed in the drama.

Some of the protesters breached the Parliament Building perimeter wall and occupied the House in the protests.

Many owners of businesses in the city lost property worth billions.

Security agencies are investigating the incidents.

Apart from Parliament, City Hall and Supreme Court were breached and vandalised.