Deejay Fatxo

Famous Mugithi artist Deejay Fatxo opened up at Obinna show live about how God has elevated him again after his career was at stake due to the scandal that faced him.

Deejay Fatxo said that he is just a product of hope and God's favor since he never thought that after everything that happened, there were fans who would be there to support him and his music career.

He narrated of an instance where he just concidentally showed up in an event and was shown so much love by his die-hard fans.

That made him cry throughout his performance since he had not expected to be accepted back with so much love.

Deejay Fatxo narrated how he still fills his events with thousands of people just within a span of a 3-day announcement about the event.

Let's have a glimpse of how he transitioned from a deejay to a mugithi artist:

DJ Fatxo, born Lawrence Njuguna Wagura, began his career as a DJ, gaining popularity in Kenya's music scene.

Over time, he transitioned into a Mugithi artist, a genre deeply rooted in the Kikuyu culture.

Early Career as a DJ

DJ Fatxo started by performing at local events, parties, and clubs, gradually building a reputation for his energetic sets and ability to keep the crowd entertained.

His skills as a DJ helped him gain a following and connections within the music industry.

Transition to Mugithi

DJ Fatxo’s love for Mugithi music, a traditional Kikuyu genre that typically involves a solo artist singing with a guitar, led him to explore this style.

He began incorporating Mugithi elements into his DJ sets, which resonated well with his audience.

Becoming a Mugithi Artist

Embracing his Kikuyu roots, DJ Fatxo started performing Mugithi songs, eventually focusing entirely on this genre.

His unique blend of traditional Mugithi with contemporary influences set him apart from other artists.He released several songs that became hits in the Mugithi music scene, solidifying his reputation as a Mugithi artist.

Impact and Recognition

DJ Fatxo’s transition from a DJ to a Mugithi artist showcases his versatility and dedication to his cultural heritage.

He has become a prominent figure in the Mugithi music scene, known for his energetic performances and ability to connect with audiences through his music.