President William Ruto and his Cabinet

President William Ruto has announced a raft of measures by his administration to cut down on government expenditure.

Ruto said following wide consultations, they have settled on cutting down on various costs, including; Dissolving at least 47 state corporations with overlapping functions.

"Resulting in the elimination of their operational and maintenance costs, and their functions will be integrated into the respective line ministries.

Here are some of the things President William Ruto said

  • 47 state corporations with overlapping functions to be dissolved - their mandate transferred to ministries and state agencies
  • The decision to fill the positions CAS is hereby suspended
  • The advisors in government shall be reduced by 50% within the public offices with immediate effect
  • The budget for the office of the First Lady, spouse of the Deputy President, and Prime Cabinet Secretary will be removed
  • Budget provisions for confidential budgets in various executive offices including my own office have been removed
  • The budget for renovations across ministries has been cut by 50 percent
  • Public servants who attain the age of 60 will proceed to retirement with no extension
  • Purchase of New motor vehicles by government is suspended for 12 months except for security agencies
  • A new policy for transport for public officers will be developed
  • All nonessential travel for public officers is hereby suspended.
  • No state officer shall participate in public contributions or Harambees going forward