President William Ruto postpones reopening of all schools until further notice

President William Ruto is expected to address the nation at 1 pm.

According to State House Press Secretary Emmanuel Talam, the President will address the country from State House, Nairobi. 

This will be an hour before the Ruto X-Space engagement with the Gen Zs.

"President William Ruto to address the nation at 1pm and thereafter engage Kenyans via X Space between 2-5pm," State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohamed said.

Ruto and his cabinet are scheduled to attend the X space which Ruto will be hosting.

The President has already created the space in anticipation of the engagement with Gen Zs.

Ruto's decision to join the forum came after the reservations from Gen Zs about participating in the multi-sectoral discussions he recently proposed to address their concerns and those facing the nation.

The Gen Zs are behind the widespread protests which have rocked the country over the past two weeks.

During a media roundtable at the State House on June 30, the President agreed to Gen Z's demand to address them via the X-Space.

"I promised that I would engage the young people through multi-sectoral forums. I also promised the topics that I wanted us to discuss, and I’m open. I have heard that they do not want a multi-sectoral forum, and maybe we should engage on X, and I'm open to talking with them on a forum they are comfortable with," Ruto said.