Details emerge on why Kennedy Onyango's body was taken away by police before burial

Information has now emerged on why Kennedy Onyango, the 12-year-old boy who was shot dead in Rongai a few weeks ago was taken away before his burial today.

Allegedly his biological father moved to Court to have the burial stopped after he was denied the right to bury his son.

Josinter Ochieng, mother to Kennedy had previously separated from the biological father of her son and is now married to someone else.

However, after Kennedy’s death, his biological father wanted to be given the right to bury his son hence the dispute.

Dennis Okinyi, a man claiming to be Kennedy's real father, says he has been living with him since his mother, Jacinta Achieng', abandoned the boy after their divorce, until 2022 when she came back and took him with her to Ongata Rongai.

“Since I heard that he has died, I haven’t seen him. I wanted to see him so that I can conform if he is dead or not.

I want the government to help me to see how I can transfer my son from there to Suba,” Dennis Okinyi said.

The body was taken away by police while being transported to Rusinga for burial, as Okinyi wants the boy to be buried in Suba, his ancestral home.

Kennedy's mother has appealed to the government to help her retrieve Onyango's body for burial in Mbita, Rusinga.

The body is currently at Kirindo Mortuary in Mbita.

On Sunday, Eric Omondi shared a video of Josinter Ochieng crying saying the body of her son had been taken away.

 “Yesterday I travelled with my son knowing I was coming to bury him. When someone dies and you bury them that is when you know you have buried them here.

“When we arrived in Mbita, the boy was taken away from us by the police, until now I have not seen my son again. Government, please help me bury my child,” the mother says while crying.  

Omondi captioned the video;

“So we got to Homabay to bury the 12-year-old Kennedy and just before getting to the homestead, we found a police roadblock. They took the boy. Whoever is responsible please allow this woman to mourn in Peace and allow her to bury her Son. She has suffered enough,” Eric Omondi.