Kalondu Musyimi and Chipukeezy

Former Churchill Show comedian Chipukeezy has revealed that he plans to marry more than one wife.

Speaking to Mpasho’s Kalondu Musyimi, Chipukeezy made it clear that he is open to the polygamy idea and that he will not shy away from marrying three to five wives.

“Why would we as a country support gayism and not polygamy? When did we as Africans start supporting men to date their fellow men and abandon the idea of supporting men to love multiple women?" he questioned.

He added that his grandfather was a polygamous man and he is ready to continue his legacy as far as the marriage institution is concerned.

“I’m also from a polygamous family and I have lived and made a conclusion that for me to be able to live the kind of life that I want, I believe that a man must have more than one woman. It is not possible for a man (It might be possible for some) but men should be allowed to have more than one woman,”

If you can fully take care of a family, and feel like you can fully take care of another one without them struggling, then why not have the conversation with them for you to add another woman instead of cheating out here,” he said.

“My grandfather had seven wives and I was trying to beat him and so far I have three who are qualified. But there is a new list of of 10. But the three are in agreement only one who is still not sure about the arrangement. So once we align I will be to marry," Chipukeezy explained.