Kenyan comedian and content creator Mulamwah has finally retrieved his account after it got banned a few weeks ago at 1.1 million followers since he had allegedly violated TikTok policies.

The comic celebrated his achievement through a TikTok video on the retrieved account saying that he was happy and that his fans were happy but that there were those who were envious of his wins.

Aside from Mulamwah, Karen Nyamu has also been able to retrieve her banned account.

Karen Nyamu

Karen, a nominated senator, was banned from WhatsApp due to an overwhelming number of messages and small payments she received from the public.

In an unusual form of protest, people sent her small amounts, such as 1 Kenyan Shilling, in response to her support of the controversial Finance Bill.


This flood of texts and payments expressing citizens' displeasure ultimately led to her ban from the messaging platform.

This backlash followed a controversial comment where she bragged about using tampons instead of pads, further angering many Kenyans.

Although she managed to restore her WhatsApp account, Kenyans have vowed to report all her social media accounts until they are permanently banned.