Kenyans celebrate Ruto's bold move to sack Cabinet Secretaries

Kenyans erupted in jubilation after President William Ruto made the bold decision to sack the Cabinet Secretaries.

The move by Ruto comes after the Gen Zs urged  Ruto to dissolve its Cabinet for effectiveness.

In Kisii, the mood was one of elation and hope.

"Finally, change is here!" one Kenyan said. 

In Nakuru,  residents celebrated with optimism.

"This is a game-changer," a local business owner said.

"We're ready for leaders who are accountable and effective,"  a university student said.

They said that they are hopeful and believe this could bring new opportunities and improvements.

"This was long-awaited and it has happened today, most people were very incompetent. We have seen the way they are rendering their services. I want to tell the President to listen to the Kenyans and do as they say, we are very happy," one of the Nakuru youth leaders said.

The move by the President has brought excitement to Gen Z since their opinions are being implemented.

Another resident from Nakuru said that it has been the awaited decision by Kenyans from the President.

The young people known as Generation Z (Gen Zs) won big on Wednesday when Ruto dissolved his Cabinet.

The Gen Zs rejected Ruto's dialogue calls and insisted that he disband the cabinet after weeks of countrywide protests.

When the Gen Zs first took to the streets, their rallying call was crystal clear, to reject Finance Bill 2024.