Vera Sidika

Reality TV star and socialite Vera Sidika has revealed her goal for the year is to travel to 15 different country and lucky for her she's already crossed 5 off her huge bucket list.

Taking to her Instagram stories the socialite mused over how travelling is her cardio as she shared how many passports she has maxed out as a globe trotter. 

"Since January 2024 I have travelled to 5 countries so far," started off the mother of 2.


Vera went on to list the countries she has been able to tour within the first 6 months of the year with 2 out of the 5 being in the African continent. The socialite also revealed that she was aiming to visit 10 more countries before the year ends.


She maintained that she would try as much as possible to ensure that she travelled to countries that she has never been to before.

As for the places she visited during the first and second quarters these include, "Nigeria, USA, Egypt, Qatar and lastly Canada,"


Sharing her goal for the remaining quarters she said, "10 more left and I close the year in peace and happiness. God willing,"


"This year I am going to the few countries left that I have not been to," Vera wrote excitedly. Adding, "I think travelling is my cardio,"

Highly intrigued by the business woman's travel escapades a netizen hoped onto Vera's DM to inquire just how many passports she has had over the years.

"I really wonder how many pages and visas your passport has. Like doesn't it get filled up? Your lifestyle is extremely admirable, I tap into your blessings of travelling around the world," the unidentified Instagram user sweetly wrote.

Sharing a screen grab of the message on her stories, the aspiring musician went on to reveal she has had and filled up quite a few one too many passport booklets.

"I have had like 10 passports, the maximum pages," the mother of 2 divulged. 

In Kenya the maximum pages of an ordinary passport is 66 pages. It has more visa and travel related entries pages compared to the group B and A passport series.

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