Amber Ray
Socialite and musician Amber Ray
Image: Courtesy

Amber Ray has confirmed that her *ss is real and that she didn't do anything to enhance it, contrary to what people assume.

Speaking to Obinna TV, the voluptuous Kamba vibe says that the secret to her big behind is purely food.

"No sikudunga it is just that I can't allow you to touch it but you could feel it is natural," Amber said.


She attributed her attractive figure to her Kamba genes.

"People will always say a lot of stuff walisema vitu mingi tena sana (they said a lot of stuff) but you just let them be. It is very real what you see is very real and me I don't grow big juu na chini tu, ukambani things."

The beauty queen is known for her controversial takes on relationships.

Recently in an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Amber said that most people misunderstand her.

"Watu have to give them what they want to hear.... people already have a negative perspective about me...for you to change that mentality it'll take you a lot of time and I don't have that time," Amber said.

When pushed to says more, Amber laughed saying;

 "Look at my lifestyle.... how many men do I need to fund me?."

Watch the interview below;