Kahush new hairstyle
Image: Courtesy Kahush new hairstyle

Rapper Kahush is a trendsetter on his own and that has been portrayed in his work of art.

He is trying to take it a notch higher by tweaking his personal grooming and adopting a new hair do.

The 'Mi siwezi hit maker left his fans confused when he posted a photo rocking a wig. Yes! you read that right.

At first I I didn't know how to react to that but then I remembered we have young people rocking braids something that slowly grown on us and no one makes a fuss about it anymore.

So we decided to get some feedback from our online community regarding Kahush's new hairdo and well it is safe to say many people might just need more time to get accustomed to it.


Etern: Anakaa Auntie wa Harrier 

Thugsome: Angekuwa dem ..sawa...lakini sasa hizi style za akina zuchu ndo gani

Shannah: Wig ya Mia tano

Sam Kikxx: Noooooo

Thibaud: Top

Tamaxali: BIG NO