Anerlisa Muigai has been opening up about a lot when it comes to matters love and career.

She gives her fans an opportunity to send in questions weekly and she will gladly answer them. The best part about this is that she is trending now that she is in a relationship with Tanzanian artiste, Ben Pol.

Their relationship broke a lot of hearts because Ben Pol has a huge female fan base in Kenya who adore him. Anerlisa has found a good one hopefully who will make her forget all the heartbreak she's endured from the men and woman she has dated before.


Anerlisa has never really opened up about what happened in the relationship she was in for 6 years that ended just after their engagement. When she was in this relationship, she was a very private lady and we knew nothing about her, other than the fact that she was the daughter of Keroche Breweries', Tabitha Karanja.

She finally opened up about the relationship after a question from a fan about what happened between the two:

what happened to your 6-year relationship? you guys looked sooo happy

Anerlisa tries as much as possible to be open in this segment, but she always plays safe.

we were but after the engagement, everything went down south. I choose peace and happiness over everything and I left

There you have it! For all those who have been wondering what went down, she just wanted to be happy and clearly, he was no longer her happiness.

Let us hope that Ben Pol will be her happily ever after especially now that they have plans to get married.