Size 8 and DJ Mo have been through the worst and the best.

Late last year, just after broke the news that Size 8 was pregnant, she refused to speak on the record regarding the matter but early this year, she broke the sad news that she lost her baby.

Of course, this was one of her worst moments in life and DJ Mo spoke to us on how the family is coping with the situation.

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That was not the worst for Size 8, and has spoken about experiencing severe pain from the cleaning process after suffering the miscarriage.

The main goal of treatment during or after a miscarriage is to prevent hemorrhaging and/or infection.

Unfortunately, Size 8 developed an infection right after the cleaning process. In an exclusive interview she spoke to us saying that she is under medication after the infection.

She is under so much pain:

nilipata infection (i got an infection) i am under medication. after my miscarriage sikuoshwa vizuri so nikapata infection (they did not wash me clean and so i got an infection) and all i want is to be well. i even got contractions and all i want is just to be okay

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Size 8 even asked why the devil is in her life at this moment when she was just grieving one thing and now she has to go through serious medication to clear the infection.

We do wish her a quick recovery.