MC Jessy has shocked man after he confessed to having raided Nameless' closet and making away with his T-shirts, shoes and an expensive watch.

Speaking on his Youtube channel where he hosted Nameless, MC Jessy who was the musician's hair stylist back in the day, opened up on how he did this in the name of helping street boys.

"One day we asked you to donate some of your clothes to some street boys wenye tulikuwa tunachunga that time." Said Jessy.

Ukaniambia hakuna shida ukaniambia niingie hapo nichukue. Kwanza kuna T-shirt ya red ulikuwa umefanya nayo concert.

My friend nilichukua hiyo Tisho, na hiyo jeans, na viatu nikaficha." He added.

In fact, taking to his IG page, Jessy posted two photos of the said clothes he stole from Nameless. 

He wrote,

Today I just want to appreciate one person who has seen every step of my life. At one point of my life when I had 2-3 t-shirts to wear,this man @namelesskenya allowed me to raid his closet and pick anything I wanted. I used to be mtu wa mkono for this good friend of mine Juvinaris Chalo (extreme left). We used to go and roll dredi za Nameless and that’s where we knew each other.

Jessy praised the Mathenges for being generous adding that he is grateful to them, for believing in him.

If there’s one generous family I have come across is the Mathenges. @wahukagwi I still miss zile tumbikiza zako 😂Thank you for believing in me. 

Before the Youtube session was over, Nameless said he was touched by the story and is glad that MC Jessy became a household name and who can afford state of the art cars.

"Even on my part I will say when I hear such a story and I look like vile uko sahizi, it hits me you never know your journey." Nameless said.

He added,

Every time I come across you na gari yako kubwa inatusumbua, I am proud of you bro.