I remember very well when the country went into a partial lockdown back in March, Kenyans devised new and corny ways to trick ladies into visiting them.

Some came up with phrases like 'guarantine partner' and 'heart sanitizer' in order to woo ladies into providing them with the much needed company back then.

Well to some of us, we had to endure the numerous 'after corona' promises,


Three months down the line, wanawake ni wale wale! After Uhuru lifted the cessation of movement, it looks like even the ladies lifted their promises.

From 'Nilisema Corona ikiisha' to 'Fare zime hike' the gears have shifted and the boychild has no one to run to.

Below are some of the post lockdown excuses ladies are using to turn down their suitors

1.  Nilisema after Corona sio after lockdown

2. Mask yangu bado haijakauka

3. Fare zimepanda, wacha tuta monitor situation

4. My hair looks bad right now

5. My parents are yet to return to work

6. We might be travelling upcountry

7. I am baby sitting my siblings

8. My parents are very protective of me leaving the house

9. We should wait till when University classes resume