Back in 2014, award winning Gloria Murilo made headlines when she walked out of her marriage with pastor Eric Omba, citing infidelity.

The break up came five years after the couple walked down the isle in a colorful wedding, but now Mr. Omba has strongly denied that he strayed.

Omba who was speaking in an interview on Switch TV, Omba said Gloria relied on rumours from her friends.

"I have not seen any picture of a woman I was dating, and she did not have any evidence that I had a relationship with another woman," he said.

"There was also no woman who came out publicly to say I was in a relationship with them. She was saying what she had heard from her friends.

He added,

"I was so much faithful. She was very good and very nice. What she has every other woman has, and so there was no need of me to cheat on her."

Advising those who are in marriage, Omba insisted on the need for one to focus on their husband and avoid listening to rumors.

He said, "It will cause more damage and ruin your marriage." 

In a previous interview, Gloria had said Omba, his former manager, started being a control freak and dictated everything around her career and worse, began misappropriating funds earned from her music career.

She said the first insight into his love for money was during the night of their honeymoon.

Eric reportedly waited for her to go to the bathroom and, before going through the gifts they had received at the wedding, took the money from the envelopes and stashed it in his pockets.

Gloria said that she did not leave as she believed in marriage.

"Someone may ask why it took me five years. I was determined to make it work. I am not saying I tried my best, no. I did all my best, in fact,” Gloria said.

"People may criticise from afar but they have no idea what I was going through. Only a few people in my circle know and can tell. 

"It has been a challenge and a learning process. Through it all, I have learnt a lot of lessons. It wasn’t easy."