Robert Burale post Covid-19
Robert Burale post Covid-19

If the past three weeks were a person, they would be Pastor Robert Burale.

This is after the controversial pastor, became a trending topic after he announced he had tested positive for Covid-19.

Many threw sticks and stones at Burale claiming he had faked the entire thing, since he was looking for clout during this pandemic period.

A week later, the motivational speaker surprised many after it was reported that he was already home after he was discharged from hospital, simply meaning he had recovered. This of course raised more eyebrows.

Now a week since then, Burale took to his Instagram page to thank the almighty God for his well being.

Had it not been for the Lord ...." I slipped through the cracks" @jamalhbryant " Wrote Burale.

He went on to thank his fans and followers for standing with him in prayers as well as sending encouraging messages.

He said, during his tough times, some strangers became friends.

Read Burale's post below,

To all of you who prayed MAY GOD BLESS YOU ON MY the midst of it all I took time to read your messages (even though I could not reply all) but I was deeply encouraged.....Strangers became Friends" ..I appreciate and love you

Robert "MURATHE " Burale,