Yvonne Okwara
Yvonne Okwara Yvonne Okwara

If you have been keen, you might have noticed that Citizen TV anchor, Yvonne Okwara has been missing on your screen for quite a while.

Through her Insta, the gorgeous outspoken media personality decided to come out clean and reveal where she has been.

She said that she had decided to take a 'step back' so that she could look after her mind and body.

Okwara revealed that she has been forced to deal with an excruciating chronic back pain for two years.

She said that even after trying drugs and physio she made up her mind to go for a spinal surgery, so she could fix everything once for all.

Read her post below,


Hey guys. It's been a while. Missed y'all.. I'm alive and well! 😜 But I needed to take a step back and look after my mind and body.

I've been dealing with 2 slip discs in my lower spine. Which have caused excruciating, chronic pain for close to 2 years now.

One day I'll write about what it's like living with chronic pain. Every day. Putting on a brave face at work, with friends and how it changes your life, the mind and how exhausting and limiting it is. Always lurking in the background as you try to go about with your life. So, after trying everything from drugs to physio, we decided to go for spinal surgery to fix the problem.Thank you to those who've called, texted, and sent gifts .

Yvonne was really hopeful of getting back to doing what she does best soon.

I hope to make a quick recovery and get back to doing what I love.In the meantime, stay safe y'all. Let's avoid the stigma around COVID-19.#SikuNjema