Kamene Goro and Jalang'o
Kamene Goro and Jalang'o
Image: Instagram

Today on #KameneAndJalas morning Kiss, the two presenters were discussing how to tackle the issue of how guys always show up for hangouts without any money.

Basically Kamene and Jalas were looking at the guys who are always texting 'Uko wapi?' 'Form?' during weekends, knowing really well they have no means of financing their wants.

It is at that point where Jalang'o revealed about a rule him and his boys club always adhere to. Never showing up to hangouts with an empty pocket.

According to Jalas, whenever his boys club meet, they always make sure they split the bill equally. 

"Even us guys from the boys club you don't show up if you have no money." Jalang'o said.

He added,

"We normally split the bill let's say for example if the bill amounts to Ksh50,000 and we are 10, we always make sure we all contribute equally, that is 5k each."

The treasurer always makes sure he collects the cash and sorts the bill." He said.

However, that does not mean they boys club do not accommodate a broke friend. 

But of course at times there is that one person who has no money and we still invite them.

Kamene on the other hand narrated how she almost had egg on her face after showing up to a date, only for the guy inviting her playing 'dead' when it came to sorting the bill.

"There was a time a guy friend invited me out and as always if I have no chums I don't show up so I make sure I am strapped. " She said.

She added,

Now after we had a good time a friend to the guy who invited me, offered to pay for my bill, all this while I notice the guy is not even bothered.

So me being Menje I said you know what? I will sort it! So I took the bill and sorted it."

Ladies, ever found yourself in Menje's position? How did you get yourself out of it?