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King Kaka King Kaka

The week might still be very young but rapper King Kaka is already mad by how it has started.

This is after he came across a Citizen TV feature which highlights the plight of Baringo school going girls, who are forced to trade sex for money to buy sanitary pads.

King Kaka has always been on the forefront, fighting to keep girls in marginalised areas in school. This is because many miss school due to lack of sanitary products.

Reacting to the news, a furious King Kaka lashed out at women representatives who do not look out for such girls.

He went ahead to call out the few who distribute two sanitary pads but still have the guts to take photos.

I saw this item a while back and it frustrated me. Yaani kazi ya women rep ni nini? I have seen a couple of them give 2 pads and taking photos , but what we need is a sustainable distribution outlet for every girl in and out of the city. He wrote.

King Kaka also wondered why the government can't come up with an initiative where no school girl will ever lack sanitary pads.

He added that the parents to the same suffering girls will still vote for the broken system, and the cycle will go on.

We got independence in the 60’s and still facing such problems in a top 10 economy in Africa. Our leaders are busy thinking on how they could steal , shame on them!! Greed and Malice . Yaani serikali haiwezi anzisha such a program? How hard? And the parents of those young girls will still vote for the broken system and years from now the journalists will still do this feature. Leadership is Service.

Last year, the Kaka empire CEO embarked on a week-long trek from Nakuru to Nairobi, dubbed 'The Menstrual Walk'.

His goal was to keep at least 100,000 girls in school by providing them will sanitary towels