This weeks trending topic will definitely be the joke that came to our timelines. Tanasha spent her weekend in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Of course, we know that is where Diamond lives and where Naseeb Junior, their son, was conceived.

Videos and pictures of the two looking all boo'd up have been trending that elicited debate about it.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene and Jalas think there is some serious chemistry between the two. Contrary to what social media in-laws think. 


"Diamond Platnumz's position is that he is the king and he has his people from different sides of his world. The king will always be at his cave in Dar es Salaam and once or twice when your time comes you go visit and then go back home.

Over the weekend was our sister's, Tanasha's trip to Dar es Salaam and from the lovely photos and videos there was electric chemistry between her and Diamond. The climax was their performance.

We wish they could stay together but the king being king Mswati, has decided he will be ruling his empire from Dar as they come to him. The other time it was Zari Hassan and now this time, Tanasha." Jalas said

Kamene was clear Kenyan men can never step up to the levels of Mr. Platnumz.


"Diamond just sends business class tickets from wherever demanding to see his children. I saw him with Tanasha and I was like wow! He has put everyone in a line. But from what I saw, Diamond still wants our Tanasha.

There was a part you could tell there was deep chemistry but he did not want to make it PDA. But simba is simba." She said

Also, this was the first time he ever performed 'Gere' live on stage.