On Wednesday, the popular 'Somali guy' Alinur Mohammed, who was rumored to be dating Betty Kyallo left many tongues wagging on social media.

This is after Alinur posted a photo of the two together just moments after visiting the businesswoman at her home.

According to Alinur, he spent the better part of the evening with Betty where the two had a great time of interaction.

He went ahead to praise the media personality for being an ordinary woman doing extra ordinary things in the society.

Alinur wrote,

Was delighted to spend the better part of today's evening with @BettyMKyallo at her place. Was glad to interact with her. Betty is one of those ordinary women doing extra ordinary things in our society. Like many other women, she has had to beat many odds to reach this far.

Alinur's tweet attracted a wide range of reactions from Kenyans who were quick to jump into conclusion.

Some claim that their is an entanglement story there, even though back in 2019 Alinur came out to strongly dismiss the reports.

Below are some of their reactions;

Jabez Sally Verrah: Cut the motivational speech and tell us about your entanglement story with the lovely Betty.


MC Baba Yao: And this confirms to us about the much talked Somali guy, the gods of enugu has confused you despite the fact that you had defended yourself too much . pole bro wacha nikunywe Gilbeys sasa coz I thought you are single but you are with my Ex .congratulations.

Phyl Lastborn: We saw this and we talked about it, u denied. Kumbe it was true. Wishing u well.

Fred Sankale: Kenyan social media NSIS are never wrong..The Somali guy confirmed the Detectives report after a long time.

Mercieh Waithaka: Finally the rumoured Somali guy has surrendered himself.