Grace Msalame
Grace Msalame
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Media personality Grace Sowairina Msalame is pregnant with a boy. She already has twin daughters and says it's an amazing experience having a boy.

Msalame took to social media to confirm that she is almost hitting nine months and ready for her baby.

"Can we talk about boy pregnancies for a minute!? Because🤗🤗🤗gosh I’ve loved every part of this journey💙never felt more beautiful & such ease & peace🙏🏾So grateful🙏🏾Also having children older definitely has it’s perks! So many lessons learned & still learning that I wish I knew with my girls but either way so grateful to have the blessing to experience bot"

The excited mum went on to share her experience in her first pregnancy with girls.

"Glory to God as we almost clock 40weeks💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾My prayer was to make it to the very end! Because as expected I had my girls at 37weeks which is considered full term for multiples, but always yearned to have the singleton experience and make it to the very end🙏🏾Won’t He do it🙌🏾October now added to my list of favorite months"

Msalame adds that this pregnancy has given her a character she always wanted to have.

PS: Boy Mums I had no idea boys change your character from the womb! I can’t explain how much more assertive & in charge I’ve been since my litu gift which has always been a trait that I’ve wanted & now here we are! What a beautiful surprise as I pray this new trait stays with me even after he’s here🙏🏾😁

From us, we wish Msalame a safe delivery.