Femi One
Femi One

Femi One and Sol Generation's Nviiri collabo 'Kipetero Kiyesu' has become a sure hit and is bound to get Kenyans thinking about various issues.

The song is produced song by Ricco Beatz as Femi One brings out her flawless rap style as she tackles hard-hitting topics such as corruption, single motherhood, patriotism and more. 

The talented Nviiri adds his beautiful and melodious voice to the catchy chorus. It is clear the two have amazing chemistry and enjoyed writing and recording the song together.

The video which is directed by CJ Pixel uses clips and snippets from some of the issues Kenyans have faced that also speak to the powerful statement of the song.

"The song is addressing the issues that affect the society and common mwananchi such as politics, corruption and domestic issues. As an artist I felt the need to address these issues because I have a large platform and so many people looking up to me as they say ‘msanii kioo cha jamii’ Sio kila saa tunaimba wimbo za anasa sometimes as artists let’s stand up for something and address it using our art" said Femi One

She added that;

"I decided to feature Nviiri cause I am a huge fan, I love his voice and I wanted the song to have a melodious touch plus he loves storytelling as much as I do"

Nviiri said "This is the first collabo I’ve done with a Kenyan female artist; it will definitely not be the last since there is good chemistry and vibe. Be ready for a banger and new sound. "